What is the Information Equity Initiative?

The Information Equity Initiative, or IEI, is a nonprofit organization working to ensure everyone, regardless of geography or income, has access to high quality digital learning resources. IEI was created in 2021 by three PBS member organizations (WITF in Harrisburg, PA; PBS39 in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, PA; and SCETV in South Carolina) whose constituents are disproportionately impacted by the digital divide and information access inequity.

Domestically, internet access is inaccessible, unreliable, or unaffordable for nearly 1 out of every 4 American students, or 15 million children.

Internationally, half the world’s population, or 3.7 billion people, lacks internet access. The majority of the world’s offline population are women, and most live in developing countries.

  • By combining cutting edge cloud and software infrastructure with television spectrum, IEI affordably transforms information access anywhere reached by broadcast. Deployments can be initiated affordably and within months.


Board of Trustees

Tim Fallon

IEI Board Member and President & CEO of WLVT

Dr. Stephanie Frazier

IEI Board Member and Assistant General Manager of SCETV

Ron Hetrick

IEI Board Member and President & CEO of WITF

Erik Langner

CEO of Information Equity Initiative


Naiara Azpiri


Colin Hamilton

Communications & Development Specialist

Erik Langner


Carol Sorber

Project Manager

Megan Burks

Client Success Director

Station Partners

Philanthropic Partners

Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt
Endless Network
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The Rosalind P. Walter Foundation


Diversity Statement

The diversity of our workforce is essential and we are committed to diversity and inclusion throughout our organization to ensure a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and skills to provide better solutions, drive innovation and creativity, and enhance decision making.

Diversity is a mission imperative and we are continuously focusing on creating a culture of inclusion that values each individual and promotes collaboration and fairness.